the wet sand almost resembles you
the way it sticks to my skin
and i brush it off

your tongue is like a cherry lozenge
popping you in my mouth
whenever i need a fix

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i love
writing about the universe

there is something
so beautiful
and smooth
about comparing your tongue
to the milky way,
slowly losing myself
in the crater
of your mouth

the way your pale face changes faces,
phases, like the moon

or engorges with blood
when i touch you there
and you feel like the sun

there is something so poetic
about the stars
and how they remind me
of your pupils

you’re planets
and the whole solar system
you’re the alien
who inhabited my pumping organ
inside my chest

u are my universe
u are my verses
to this infinite
of ((U))

i’ll meet you on the cold plate of the moon where the sun is a tiny little sunflower planted inside a crater.

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naturally (426)

the sun becomes a raisin as i squeeze out the glowing juice that tastes like jalapeños. the moon gets bigger and the stars explode like pop rocks. a lunar explosion occurs spilling it’s pieces across the ground with a dark chocolate infinity cloaking all around me. the broken pieces of the moon lay like sharp glass that shines my reflection back at me.

i see me but all i can see are peoples different perceptions of me. i see me but all i can see is, “you’re complicated and don’t make sense.”

i see me and don’t understand me. i search for clear skies but the weather is never on my side. i search for clear skies and when i get them they’re darker than the deepest corners of my soul.

i’ve never had perfect eye sight.
i live my life blurry searching for sharpness.

i lay with the green grass, the hair of the earth, as i dig my nails into its scalp. looking for a way to dig deeper into the inexplicable something.

maybe they’re all right and i don’t make sense. i’m a complicated mess who looks for metaphors and symbolism in things that are so simple.

i should let the universe do what it wants with me. maybe being lost is part of it all. but everything seems scarier without a map. no sun to follow. no moon to follow. no stars to follow. just an empty sky and no message.

am i missing something?

The world is your dog bowl



you looked at me
the way a dead man
looks at a bullet
when i told you
your blue eyes
made of ocean
didn’t help me float
but drowned me
and the only life jacket
i could reach for
was, “it’s over.”

words like oxygen
i hold my breath until you speak

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