lonely waters

i crave the feeling of a hand around my neck
in the most primal and romantic way possible

i want to be grasped and touched

instead i’m water
and you go right though me

aren’t you thirsty?

Kanye West dropped out of school & became a universal religion like he’s so fucking successful & he has dollar signs for pupils & he’s like the #1 bad bitch so…look what i’m trying to say dad is that

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when you drink 15 glasses of blood


starry night

i have
hair as dark as your secrets
hair as dark as your demons
i wear the universe on my head
you lose your hands in my noir mane
and get lost in infinity

your pheromones
keep my lips moving
and with every kiss
stars form

Van Gogh knew of us
or just a portion of us
a portion of the sky
created by us

“call me.”

sometimes life gives me a kiss on the head that i didn’t know i needed until i picked up the phone and talked about it for 2 hours.

i just had a conversation with life and it was disguised as a distant acquaintance.

it amazes me how sometimes you need to hear things you didn’t know you needed to hear.

we’re all simply the shadows of who we want to become and my biggest fear is just staying a shadow. but then again we never stop becoming. we’re always striving to be someone more. so are we just a lifetime of shadows and the 4 dimensional beings we want to be?

do i make sense? i’m sleepy and my eyes are itchy with Zz’z.

but tonight i learned that there’s nothing more beautiful than living your life with passion. that life is better lived with the motivation of love. love in who you are. love in who you want to become. love in what you do.

i’m just going to go to bed. i feel like i can’t even write about what i feel. i just feel it. sometimes you can’t put words to it.

it’s just in you. unwritten and invisible.

my potential bae is irritated by me and seems to be immune to my cuteness. god damn it. how many Picasso masterpieces do i need to create?


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i finally have you again
in the palm of my hand
so much time thinking, “what if?”
and now it comes to the test

how childish of me
to initiate this
but then start playing hide and seek

i’m there
and then i’m not
and i know you’re tired of catching up
only for me to keep running off

your intensity
it drives me insane
i choke on the words you say
they make me feel tight
the way, “my angel,” creeps out of your lips
so ripe

it’s the way
you speak to me
with such passion and intrigue

you explain to me
the color red
when i tell you i’m feeling blue

i can’t even imagine
what would happen
if our limbs ever tangled

we’d be thunder together
soft rain
snow mounting
leaves changing
dry heat
an overwhelming humidity

i love the idea
of not being able to explore us fully
i love the idea
of having you distant
because you’re my prettiest ‘what if’
and i cant stand the thought of you ever becoming
my ugliest ‘what was’

the question marks in your eyes
i’m sorry i keep you guessing

because i am the coward
and you’re the courage
that magnetize each other
but can’t meet

i want to avoid you
but keep you close

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